Requirements for EMT Certification for Hospital Corpsmen

Where do I Start?

Current and former Hospital Corpsmen applying for EMT certification must meet requirements specified by the NREMT. There are core requirements that apply to all Navy applicants and there are specific requirements that vary depending on when you completed A-School.

All Navy Applicants must:

  • be 17 years of age or older
  • submit an application to NREMT
  • submit NREMT application within 2 years of completion of State-approved training

Please select only one (1) of the following:

  • Are you still attached to A-School (i.e Not yet graduated)?
  • Are you within 2 years of graduation from A-School?
  • Has it been longer than 2 years since A-School graduation?
  • Are you a Veteran, separated from service, not functioning in an EMT capacity?
  • None of the above questions apply to me!

Category 1 - Still in A-School

  • Application will be: "New, Initial"
  • Application state will be: "State of the Navy"
  • Must hold current State EMT: "NREMT recognizes an HM in the Navy as an EMT"

Category 2 - Within 2 years of graduation

  • Application will be: "New, Refresher"
  • Application state will be: "State of the Navy"
  • Applicant has a 2-year window (from graduation) to apply and sit for the exam

Category 3 - Greater than 2 years since graduation

  • Application will be: "New, Initial"
  • Application state will be: Current state assigned
  • Must hold current State EMT license
  • Must have completed a state-approved EMT refresher course or 24 hours of equivalent Continuing Education* within the past 2 years.

* Proof of completion of various follow-on advanced medical training (i.e. Radiology, Lab, IDC, Field Medical, SPECWAR, etc.) would meet much of the CE requirements, with the exception of OB, infants, and Children.

Category 4 - Veteran

  • Must complete State-approved training within 2 years from NREMT application date
  • Verification from the NREMT Program Director that applicant holds a current "CPR-BLS for Healthcare Providers" or equivalent credential, and has demonstrated competence in EMT skills.
  • Successful completion of a state-approved EMT psychomotor exam.

Steps to Success

Step 1:  Register Below

Step 2:  Our staff will complete your NREMT Challenge Packet

Step 3:  We submit your packet (Approval process may take 2-3 weeks)

Step 4:  Complete our 5-day course upon approval

Step 5:  Challenge the NREMT exam


Corpsman to EMT Course tuition is $225, which covers process and submission of all required documents, equipment, instruction, text, software, and study materials. Category 4 (Veterans) must pay a $50 fee at the time of psychomotor testing.